First session

1) Work out any kinks or questions about characters
2) Explain about the world.
3) Explain how I will be conducting the campaign
4) Player explanation,- to let everyone know what kind of character or persona they will be playing as.
5) Describe the setting
6) Start the Pain Train
7) Defeat the Fire nation

The first meeting
Try not to fuck up guys.

Start in the city of Galatia. Karl Is at a common rec area next to the famous tavern with a massive ale to sip. Lelahii is outside the Magic emporium, hoping to learn some new magic to better her self. Christalia is enjoying a relaxing day sitting by the fountain reading a Book trying to learn how to perform more spells out of it. Skaff is new in town walking toward the mighty barracks hoping to be recruited or at least pick up some odd jobs.


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