Bloopers...AKA something went wrong.

Karl accidentally decapitated himself with a crown. That he just had pulled off dead skeleton

Alchemist that blew up the massive castle gate perfectly, dropped a fire cask on himself, guess you could say he went out with a bang.

Christalia killed a man with another man she just killed, Via falling off roof.

Skaff passed the Pit of faith by tripping.

The GM forgot how Zombies DR work…….. thank god Ragnaar showed up when he did.

Why did the Party split….. how didn’t the Gm plan for this, Go to the left, easy fight for 3, to right Imminent death for 2, how didn’t I think that would happen, Oh wait….. yay random chance.

The Ogre Crit, Twice!!! Rip Ragnaars Rib cage

Eunice died via Dragonfire., but in exchange the party got 25 hobgoblins. Yay grilled Horse!!!! Hope Karl didn’t choke on that.

the team saved a village and put them to work instead of killing them, or leaving them to fend for themselves. If only all the males weren’t killed.

Lelahii is the best face-man in the party, just by offering cake mix to everyone.


wsaxon16 wsaxon16

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