AND WE’RE BACK with the adventures of Lelahii Vatra, our brave and wonderful heroine.

The bunny, dwarf, tall one and I returned to the city of Galatia to sell out dead body parts. Ew. and we got money for them! Less ew. We spent FOREVER there, waiting for the dwarf and tall one to talk to people, buy stuff, sell stuff, talk to more people, drink ale, and talk to more people. We found the small rider of big dogs though and he gave the dwarf some letters and their from his dad who died but not the way he thought and turns out he’s some important person and now the dwarf wants to be an important person. SO we all go with him to a secret place and he has to pass some trials. But we can help him. Sounds like cheating to me. We get through all of them, though he only passed the one by accident, but hey whatever works. So we get to the end we almost die via shadow but then we don’t because friendship is apparently a shadow’s only weakness. The small rider is there and he gives us all stuff for having passed the trials. At least we get something out of helping him. I get a cool firey whip which is really nice since I can’t run out of whip like I can run out of spells. So now the dwarf is an important person and the rest of us are half-important people. So we go to the important people castle but there’s no important people there which is foreboding. We go look around and find no people, and we go upstairs and find a shadowy person (destroy him with friendship?) and he has tons of food and asks us to eat. No thanks. I’m vegan and I’m pretty sure that that ham is not. The small rider wants into the room of the MOST important person and I go with him and there’s a headless guy. Ew. The rider is not happy about it and we go back to the room and tell everyone that there’s a headless dude and suddenly the food is heads and I’m really glad that I didn’t eat any of it. Small rider lunges for the shadow and now we’re in dungeon cells. With headless people. Ew. They stand up and attack us, because that’s natural, and I get knocked out. Shoulda used that undead ring. I have some cool unconscious dreams about being an owl which is cool beans. I’m conscious again and the zombos are dead and there’s some scot now and he’s joining us? Sure. We go find the small rider and the shadow is there too but he disappears. Probably because we now have an extra friend and the friendship is just too much for the shadow to withstand. That’s my theory. Well now he’s gone and we have a plethora of dead bodies that we can’t sell for money so we bury them instead. Now the castle is ours! Easiest sacking of a castle ever. I get my own room and it has windows! and the bunny is my neighbor! After spending several days at the castle sorting things out we go back to Galatia and find more work. Burkeson Burke’s son tells us about a painting that we can’t talk while we hold it but we don’t know why. It’s in a ruin/temple/scary sounding location. So we go! We run into some crazy animals and we kill them. I’m not a very good vegan… anyways we continue to the ruins and go inside! we come to a fork in the road…or rather hallway. The bunny, tall onw and I go one way while the small one and the scot go the other way. Solid dungeoneering strategy I’d say. We fight this octopus but it’s not an octopus it’s like an alien with tentacaly fingers I guess? It wasn’t too hard. My cool fire whip worked well. We go check out the other group since maybe splitting up isn’t best? Turns out they fought a giant ogre and almost died. Cool. The scot’s ribs look a little worse for wear but…I think he’s fine. We take out the skeletons around the corner and go to sleep.


+1 hero point

wsaxon16 Bedelia

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