Skaffs thoughts

I saw her, she was reading, a nice girl…i mean woman. She was sitting by a fountain, beautiful… then BOOM, people start coming in from the wall. Then CRASH, Burk and sons window is broken, and the girl comes over, as I see her face, and I was dumb-founded… then she whips out this fire and shit and I was like DAMN SHE A CRAZY BITCH! then I this guy…Well, this guys is tall, i feel like i keep talking to his crotch, but he knows his ale, so he is not that bad. I got a ring that I can brand people with, then we get on an adventure, this bunny chick is freaking out… I almost got killed by a tree, and got a code and the tall dude killed himself, dumb-ass…


wsaxon16 kingjosh18

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