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Episode 1- 2

Episode 1

So our adventurers started off in the biggest town in the Whonndra region, Galatia. There was a sudden explosion and Sellsword Karl and Fury Inquisitor Christalia went to aid the castle guard fighting a group of mercs who destroyed the main gate. While unbeknownst to them there was also a robbery in progress. The Fire mage Lelahii and the Stalwart Dwarf Fighter Skaff saw the Magic shop owner Burke get cut in half by the combined efforts of a sorcerer and a barbarian. The strangers all engaged the mysterious foes and saved a very powerful and dangerous magic item(later found out to be the gem of dreams) from being stolen. Several days pass and the adventurers stumble upon a poster about being rewarded for killing goblins. upon inquiring at the Barracks for this simple task they learn about a Oathkeeper temple that was inhabited by goblins. The Adventures set out with some spotty directions, while traveling through Boar Forest they stumble upon a circular river with 2 trees, upon investigation they soon discover it was a trap for travelers and were found helpless in fighting off the hangman trees. Luckily a Friendly Halfling Paladin Sir Kadunkin and His trusty dire corgi steed named Scruffles aided them in fending off the trees, and the adventures continue on their quest to the Oathkeeper temple. As the party nears they decide to make camp for the night and they are ambushed by a small group of goblins who, although surprised the party, were easily slain. The adventures get to the temple, as they enter they find a group of goblins trying to read the Oathkeeper writing, and thusly the party expertly annihilated all foes without incident. Having the Temple to themselves the party found a mystery that was solved with the help of the Dwarf Skaff deciphering the Oathkeeper code and found a secret burial chamber of that order of Oathkeepers, in which they found an ancient iron looking crown which when placed on Karls head by himself immediately was destroyed. Thus concludes the first chapter of the great adventurers “The Big N Littles”

Episode 1.5

The hero returned to the city of Galatia, where they received payment for goblin parts and for their gems. They were then called to the fiendish gnome by SIr Kadunkin who had letters for Skaff which turned out were from his dad( who was thought to be killed in a Dwarven war) His dad revealed he was an oath keeper and he then revealed that his last wish was that Skaff become an Oathkeeper. After Karl bought a horse named Omen. Skaff and his friends travel to the secret dungeon called the Trials, Skaff passed all trials and Became a full fledged Oathkeeper, while Karl Christalia, and Lelahii all became Honorary Oathkeepers for aiding Skaff and they are all in the order of the Black Rose
Afterwards the party traveled to the great Oathkeeper fortress The Exodus. Upon arriving at the gate, something was amiss. All the guards and Oathkeepers vanished and Karl climbed to the top of the gate and over to let the rest of the group in. Entering the Keep of Exodus you discover it is abandoned, but upon entering the great hall you find a shadowy figure, later discovering every Oathkeeper in the castle has been beheaded. and the Dark figure teleports the heros to the dungeon filled with the headless bodies.

Episode 2

So last we left our team of brave fighters they were in the dungeon of Castle Exodus. They discovered their weapons were taken and the headless bodies started to attack. In a notion of quick thinking and reflexes Christalia changed to rabbit form and retrieved the jail keys while the rest of the party tried to fend off their opponents. First Karl falls unconscious with one foe left, then Lelahii falls with both her opponents looming over her. Suddenly a strange appearance of a stranger to the party, comes to their aid. With all the headless zombies slain, the mysterious stranger is turned out to be an oathkeeper in the Order of the Blind Raven from Direwood. The furious five man party, rushes to the top floor to aid Sir Kadunkin. They find him unconscious and upon awakening him find out the Oathkeepers grandmaster’s weapon Guillotine, was taken by the shadowy figure. the team then get to keep Fort Exodus for themselves. After everyone chose a room, the new team returns to Galatia and spends Days, count’em, DAYS gathering supplies for a new mission from Burkeson to retrieve a portrait of unknown effect, all that is known is that if you say a certain word while touching the portrait, something happens. With that the party set out on their new quest, to retrieve an unnamed portrait. Along their way to the Ruins of Ash they encounter a small group of a bugbear, a wolf, and a hobgoblin, the entire party defeated them without getting hit once. (good job guys) they arrive at the ruins, the party decides to split up, the party composed of Karl, Christalia, and Lelahii. Fight a measly choker in an easy battle… Meanwhile the dynamic duo known as Shieldstab (Ragnaar and Skaff) take on a fully grown mountain troll. After getting their asses royally kicked they slay the troll and take a reward from a chest, greatly earned. After a very easy battle against 3 skeletons, the party decides to rest.

Episode 3

After Several many hard fought battles, And with the aid of two new allies: Fovee and Kronk, the party clears the dungeon and retrieves the Portrait of ID. Returning to Galatia the party gets paid. After a week of downtime and much needed rest, the group of Lelahii, Karl, and Skaff stumble upon a mob of sorts at the castle gate, trying to execute Fovee for no other reason than Fovee being a Schacten. Fovee who was just trying to talk to the king and give him a message, was beaten and thrown to the ground before the party arrived. Skaff, having report with the citizens of Galatia, addressed the crowd and revealed himself as an oathkeeper, and vouched for Fovee and volunteered to escort Fovee to the King and stood by her side. After successfully winning over the crowd, the team Big’ N’ Littles meet King Plumpkin. Fovee tells the king a grim message that has started in Vyth and brought a warning to the king about Oathkeepers being erased and a dark shadow starting to take over the region. Afterwards the party partied with the king in the Fiendish gnome all night. The next morning the party stirs and finds that the city was attacked last night by hobgoblins. The Team goes out to assist a village named “Hell CIty” and meet Tex and all his brothers and one sister. along with Tex’s guidance the team arrives at the Hobgoblin village, after realizing they killed every male, they met with the village cheif and finds out about the poor state of the hobgoblins. The party decides to save the village and hire them to live inside the walls of the Oathkeeper fortress Exodus, offering the Hobgoblins protection in return for them working the land and helping the fortress produce crops and revenue. As the party leaves a dragon is seen flying overhead toward the hobgoblin village and hastily return to save the villagers. There was only 3 losses in the battle, two hobgoblin mothers and Karl’s steed Eunice, which was named not 16 hours before. On their journey back the party stumble upon a caravan of “knights” delivering Items to Burkeson. After solving a code, the dwarf Skaff receives a quill that is mysterious. That night Skaffs life was attempted to be taken by a small child that lured him into a trap. In the process half of the Fiendish gnome was set ablaze, but was successfully extinguished.


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